Advantages of Hinged Wardrobe Designs

For many bedroom and wardrobe spaces, hinged wardrobe doors can be the perfect option for a variety of reasons.

Access is perhaps the most important advantage of hinged wardrobe designs. Hinged doors can be swung open to reveal the entire wardrobe at once. This allows for easy storage of larger, bulky items, especially at ground level and it increases available light inside the wardrobe.

One of the more important benefits of hinged wardrobe designs is the lack of a track as doors are affixed to a door frame. Any room with wood floors, especially antique wood floors, will benefit from hinged doors because unlike sliding doors, tracks do not need to be affixed to the floor to allow the doors to function.

Aesthetic appearance is another advantage of hinged wardrobe doors. These doors can be affixed with hidden hinges, and the handles for opening and closing the doors can be customised or eliminated entirely; some doors feature hand slots rather than knobs, thereby providing a smoother, cleaner aesthetic in the room itself.

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