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A walk in wardrobe is one which has enough space for at least one person to enter.

It is often like a small room attached to a bedroom or standing by itself. The size and dimensions of a walk in wardrobe will depend on the amount of space you have available to accommodate it. At Silva Wardrobe Co. we work with you to deliver the finest quality of walk in wardrobes Sydney has to offer.

Advantages of Walk in Wardrobes

How to Plan your Walk in Wardrobe

Walk in wardrobe design is very personal. It’s best to look first at what you have and how much and then plan according to how you wish to store. As a guide, full hanging is for dresses and coats, half hanging is for shirts and skirts, shelving is for folded items such as t-shirts and shorts, drawers are for socks and underwear.

A small walk in wardrobe design which uses all available height can mean a feeling of dark over powering space. To combat this feeling we work on the lighting within the space to create a more spacious feel. Mirrors are also essential in most walk in wardrobe designs – for dressing as well as making a small space feel bigger. If you're lucky enough to include windows within your space, they will provide an even better open feeling to your wardrobe design.

We consider all aspects of your walk in wardrobe based off the items you will be storing within your custom space & the way you will be using it. From the size of your shoes to the amount of jewellery you own will be taken into account. A small dressing table area can act as a place to keep accessories as well as other important safe keeping type pieces in a walk in wardrobe design.

Colour of your cabinetry is as important. Keep it simple but remember if you are adding adequate lighting the robe is a great place to play with colour that highlights your clothing. Black cabinetry is a fabulous way to highlight the colour of your clothing.

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