Advantages of Sliding Wardrobe Designs

Sliding wardrobe designs offer numerous positive aspects over traditional, hinged doors. Sliding doors can be installed to suit virtually any situation and in a large choice of colours and finishes.

Sliding wardrobe doors don’t extend out into the bedroom when opened, consequently much less clearance is required in between the wardrobes and other fixtures inside the room.

As there is no requirement for the doors to hold their own weight from a single edge, a broader selection of materials may be employed, like decorative mirrors, frosted glass, coloured glass and wood effect panels. You’ll be able to even mix and match materials and features. Just like, you could possibly choose to have a full-length mirror in the centre panel with a totally different finish at either side. Horizontal breaks let you create a contrast of colours and finishes.

Sliding wardrobe designs make it possible for a broader opening within a single door width, this means you are able to gain access to much more of your wardrobe all at once without having to open and close a number of doors.

Sliding wardrobe designs are usually considered as being a modern answer to bedroom storage, but by selecting a polyurethane finish, a classical appearance can be accomplished. A selection of light and dark surface finishes is offered to match current furnishings and decoration. If the more modern look is required, glass panels come in many different colours. Your sliding wardrobes can become the principle feature in the room and create an eye-catching center point.

Sliding door wardrobes have aluminium frames which are strong and durable. They typically come in white, silver (matt or shiny) and cream but can also be produced in other colours to co-ordinate with your room.

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