Built in Wardrobes

Add a unique style and flair to any room with custom built in wardrobes

Perfect Solutions

We take the time to listen to your requirements until we can see your vision just as you see it so that we only produce exactly what you are after plus a little bit more.

Free Measure & Quote

We understand that sometimes the scariest part in a great vision is not knowing the ‘how’ in terms of making it all work, that’s why we offer you a free measure and quote so that we can help bring the vision to life.

Dulux Colour match

Our premium polyurethane finish doors are available in a variety of colours that can be colour matched to any dulux colour to coordinate with your entire room.

Lifetime Guarantee

All Silva Industries wardrobes come with a lifetime guarantee against product or installation defects.

Built in wardrobes are our core business. We strive to believe that the most impressive wardrobes are those that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Our custom wardrobes are available in a variety of both hinged or sliding doors in Sydney. Below is a guide to help you design your built in wardrobe.

STEP 1: Choose your Door Type

The first thing to consider when planning your built in wardrobe is what you want to use it for and what you want to store in it. This will influence the type of door you choose – sliding doors or hinged doors wardrobe.

Advantages of Sliding Wardrobe Designs

Advantages of Hinged Wardrobe Designs

STEP 2: Choose your Door Material

Our wardrobe doors are available in a variety of materials and finishes, including:

Mirror wardrobe doors: Are the best value for money option in wardrobe doors. They are available in framed, semi-frameless and frameless. Mirror doors can be full or part reflective. They can help reflect light in a room and create an illusion of more space. They are available in a variety of coloured frames.

Coloured or opaque frosted glass doors: Are an affordable option but unlike mirrors don’t show up marks and fingerprints as much so don’t require cleaning as often. They are available in a variety of coloured frames, semi-frameless and frameless.

Polyurethane finish doors: Are a premium finish that is available in a variety of colours that can be colour matched to any Dulux colour to coordinate with your entire room. They can add a touch of luxury to both modern and traditional style rooms. They are available in an extensive range of flat or routered designs and are available in high gloss, semi gloss or satin finish.

STEP 3: Designing your Wardrobe Internal

Custom wardrobes are very personal in design. It’s best to look first at what you have and how much and then plan according to what you want to store. As a guide full hanging is for dresses and coats, half hanging is for shirts and skirts, shelving is for folded items such as t-shirts and shorts, drawers are for socks and underwear. Don’t worry if you get a bit lost at this stage, our expert team can help you with all the ideas to help you achieve practical and impressive wardrobes. See below for some examples of internal configurations.

Built-in Wardrobe Internals

For more ideas of built-in wardrobe designs be sure to check out our galleries:

Sliding Glass Wardrobes Sliding Mirror Wardrobes

Sliding Polyurethane Door Semi Frameless Door

Hinged Door Robes

STEP 4: Request a Free Measure & Quote*

Know exactly what you want, or still unsure with lots of questions? No problem, contact us today for a free measure and quote*. We send out a qualified tradesman, not just a salesman, to every measure and quote so that you have the confidence that you are being consulted by an expert who can help you with ideas on how to design the perfect wardrobe for your needs that will be practical and stylish. They come equipped with years of experience and physical samples of materials/ finishes so you can see exactly what you are choosing. So contact us today!

* Sydney metropolitan area